Thursday, 2 July 2020

Measurement: Perimeter

Thursday: Writing Task

In the afternoon I called my friend Khyani. If she wants to go to the beach
she said “of course yes I am doing nothing right now” “OK” Then I hung up
and put on my togs under my clothes and got my mat two. When I got there
I came at the same time as Khyani. First me and Khyani got our mats and
put it on the hot sand and started tanning. 

After that we got bored and decided to swim. We got in the water and started
to splash water on each other. Then I saw something in the water, I didn't
really care, so I just went back to what  I was doing. It got closer and closer.
Then I saw a fin pop up “It’s a shark” I screamed. Then I ran to the sure, It
looked like a Great White Shark. We never came back to the beach.


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